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Online Registration starts Feb 1st
REMEMBER: We have ONLINE volunteer signup!

                            Hardball: Call Alex @ 204-981-1610
                            Softball: Call Erin @ 204-803-1213 for more info.


 On behalf of SRMB, we would like to thank our sponsors; their support will open opportunities for our facility, which will help develop the mechanics necessary to enhance player skills. Without the support of people like you, we will not be able to reach our goals. Thank you once again for your generous support of our teams.


Please note changes to the 2012 coach certification requirements. Effective in 2012, all teams entering Minor Provincial Championships leading to Western Canadian Championships or Canadian Championships - One of the registered coaches/managers must have a Competition Introduction Coaching Certification Level.

Softball Manitoba and Baseball Manitoba are hosting various Coaching clinics this spring. Click the links for more info...


Softball and Baseball Manitoba will be hosting various Umpire clinics this spring. Anyone wishing to become an umpire, will need to attend one of these clinics. If you have any questions, please contact our Umpire Convener or our Registrar from our contacts page for more information.


Softball Manitoba 2013 umpire clinics. Click here for more info.
Baseball Manitoba 2013 umpire clinics. Click
here for more info.

For more information about what’s happening with Softball or Baseball in Manitoba, visit www.softballmanitoba.mb.caor


Mite B and C: Monday/Wednesday
Squirt B and C: Tuesday/Thursday
Pee Wee B and C: Monday/Wednesday
Bantam B and C: Tuesday/Thursday
Midget: Monday/Wednesday

Grand Slam: Wednesday
Mosquito: Monday (some Wednesdays in June)
Peewee- Wednesday  (every second Thursday, will alternate with Bantam, so kids can play both)
Bantam: Tuesday and Thursday
Midget- Monday and Thursday (Bantam and Midget will alternate to allow Bantams to play both)

Learn to play

SRMB will again be hosting our own Learn to Play league for both LTP I and LTP II.
LTP I on Mondays and Wednesdays
LTP II on Tuesdays and Thursdays



Year      Playing     Feb 1-      After

                   Level           Mar. 15        Mar. 15


2006-2007       Rookie             $75.00           $115.00

2004-2005       Mosquito         100.00            140.00

2002-2003       PeeWee          110.00            150.00

2000-2001       Bantam            120.00            160.00

1997-98-99     Midget             130.00            170.00



Year           Playing                          Feb 1 -          After

                     Level                              Mar. 15        Mar. 15

2009-10-11     Learn to Play I                           $45.00          45.00

2007-2008       Learn to Play II – Mixed            70.00           70.00  

2005-2006       U10                                           105.00          145.00

2003-2004       U12                                           110.00          150.00

2001-2002       U14                                           115.00          155.00

1999-2000       U16                                           120.00          160.00

1997-1998       U18                                           125.00          165.00

1992-1996      Junior                                         140.00          180.00


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